Introductory Concepts

In recent discussions of  technology being a form used in the classrooms, a controversial issue has been whether technology should be allowed in the classrooms or not and the advantages that it brings to the learning of the children and the teaching of the teachers. On the one hand, some argue that being able to use technology in the classroom is helpful because it allows the children to learn new things, be able to go into the real world.  From this perspective, many people argue that technology is just a form of distraction, and that there are many situations in which technology could be abused and it would affect their learning.  On the other hand, however, others argue that technology is a helpful way to help students at a young age stay connected with their learning, is a very helpful tool to learn new things as well as connect with other people around the world when they may be learning about new countries or states, for instance, about Latin America. But there have been arguments that even though technology may be helpful, not to forget about the paper and pencil which can still be used as a form of teaching and that technology should not be the only form used in the classrooms.  According to this view, there have been many arguments about if technology should be one of the tools used in classrooms to help with the students learning.  In sum then, the issue is whether technology is a good method of teaching or if technology should not be made available in the classroom.

My own view is that technology is a great way to help the students learn new things and help connect their learning.  Though I concede that technology can be helpful it can also be dangerous because the children at a young age may or may not know right from wrong and could abuse the technology used, I still maintain that technology is a great tool in the classroom to help not only students but teachers learn as well and connect with their students.  For example, technology can be used during a lesson plan such as learning about a new culture or about science, students have the opportunity to talk to someone or connect with someone who has the cultural background they may be learning about.    Although some might object that technology should not be allowed in the classrooms, I would reply that the use of technology is not bad, it just depends how teachers use it in the classroom.  The issue is important because technology has begun to become more and more used and advanced in society today and it should be used in a positive way.