Web Tools

There are several ways in which I could integrate the different multimedia tools in my first or second grade classroom. One of the ways would be to integrate podcasts as a class activity such as assigning a class reading and then asking the students to create their own podcast with a summary of the main ideas that occurred in the reading as well as the key ideas. But first I would personally try out creating a podcast so that I have a good understanding because according to “Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts, and Other Powerful Web Tools for Classrooms,” if I want to be able to help my students to the best of my ability I need to be able to understand the tool being used.

Another multimedia tool I would integrate in my classroom would be blogging, the way I would integrate it to make it fun and entertaining to my students would be to allow them to create their own blogs the way they want as long as it is appropriate for school and I would post their homework assignments as a blog post so that they would be able to do them at home. Not only would they have the access to their assignments but I would also put different types of links such as games or activities to help reinforce the material I would cover in class. Using a blog is a very fun, and easy way to teach and help the students learn or reinforce their keyboarding and writing skills.

Even though there are many ways and tools I could integrate in my classrooms, the ones I mentioned would only be some of the tools I would personally integrate and use in my classroom.



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