Lesson Planning

My lesson plan will consist about a specific math standard for second graders from Richmond Elementary school and some of the things I know about the students prior knowledge is that some of them have a better understanding of certain concepts and ideas because they have older siblings who have taught them some of the ideas the teacher has taught them. I also know that every student will learn things at different paces and at different levels which has been the case in the second grade classroom I volunteered. For the students that have a hard time grasping a concept, one of the things I have done is take them to the computer lab to work with them individually and I have used the mathabc website to help them reinforce or learn the different math concepts the teacher has taught them so far.
I would differentiate my math lesson by using podcasts in the classroom as a way to help me as a teacher evaluate each student individually and be able to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the student as well as the areas each student needs help to improve. By integrating the multimedia tool of podcasts it will not only make it easier for the students to understand the material covered in class but it will also be a fun and different experience for the students. 


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