Copyright 101

Copyright is a law which protects the own work and creations of the author, the works may include a book, an article, a video and many other things

The four tests for fair use involves:
-The purpose of the use
-The nature of the work being copied
-The amount of the work being copied
-The effect of your use on the market of the work being copied

According to Educational Leadership, the type of media involved matters because in order to get permission for using an article, video or any form of media you need to follow a set of rules or steps and each step depends on the type of media being used. For instance, the steps for integrating video in the classroom is different than asking for permission to use a chapter in the textbook. The type of media also matters because each has restrictions on the amount of time a teacher or someone can use it as well as the reasons they would be able to use the material with or without permission. The type of media involved is important when it comes to obtaining permission so that nobody gets in trouble because they did not follow the copyright laws.


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